About Us

Bobby Williamson’s roots go deep in Ouachita Parish. He was raised in Monroe, graduating from Neville High School, and has lived here his entire life, other than several years after college when he developed a successful career with a large construction firm. Bobby grew up in a close family and credits his father with the values and work ethic that enabled him to succeed. His father operated a service station (back when gas was pumped, windshields were washed and oil was checked for each customer) and imprinted on his young son’s mind that taking care of customers was the right thing to do motivates them to keep coming back. Bobby took that advice to heart, living by it daily in his business.

After graduating with a BS in Construction from NLU (before the school was renamed ULM) Bobby accepted a position with JW Bateson, a large construction firm based in Dallas, and developed a specialty in hospital construction. He gained valuable experience and took to heart the mission of the company founder who said, “Hire the best people in the industry, give them the best tools, and do the job right the first time.” Bobby moved back home to Monroe in 1990 to work for Linbeck Construction where he managed the St. Francis Hospital addition.

Finally, the time came for Bobby to start his own business and Bobby Williamson Flooring was born January 13, 1994. He endeavored then, as now, to stay true to the lessons he learned from his father. In a world that increasingly devalues long-held values, Bobby says he still believes in integrity, honesty, hard work, fair pricing and treating customers fairly. Bobby’s company sells and installs any type of flooring a homeowner needs, from hardwood and ceramic tile to carpet, but offers something hard to find in the business……… he has the experience to add the little bit extra. To make the job “just right” Bobby’s company will do extra things like remove and install new cabinets, add a wall to a bathroom or make other modifications so the job will be done “right the first time.” Bobby makes it clear that he has lived and worked in the Twin Cities his whole life, and maintaining his reputation for customer service and excellence continues to drive him.

Bobby’s company has grown to include a core staff of Matt Marble, Melby Vickery and his son, Chad Williamson – a team that can handle flooring jobs of any size and complexity. There are 16 people working to deliver a quality product for Bobby Williamson Flooring that includes the core team, along with other employees and trusted contractors. Bobby discovered that the best way to deliver quality work is to utilize people that have developed specialized skills, so he carefully chooses which employee or contractor is assigned to each job, endeavoring to match each person’s specialized skill set to the demands of the individual job. Bobby is careful to point out that everything the company does has one singular focus, deliver excellence to each customer.

Bobby and his wife, Ronnia, remained in Ouachita Parish but have lived in Sterlington for the last 20 years and have been blessed with their son, Chad, and daughter, Jessica. As families do, the Williamson family has grown as Chad married Lanie, bring two children into the family, Champ and Crash. Jessica, on a medical mission trip to Haiti, met and fell in love with a little girl named Phoebe, whom she subsequently adopted. So, with three small grandchildren there is no shortage of activity around the Williamson household.

With roots running so deeply into the history of Monroe/West Monroe, Bobby remains committed to his family, his customers and his employees as he plans many more years of success. Now with several generations of Williamsons nearby, Bobby looks forward to helping them learn the lessons of integrity and hard work he learned from his father. The lessons are timeless and have served him well.